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"You can't conquer IT complexity with more complexity...you need simplicity."

Environments are becoming increasingly distributed and complex, driven by the need to improve service levels to the business. To automate the business and IT operational processes that span these complex environments, IT organizations typically rely on scripting or platform-specific. Tools may be limited to specific technologies or process types, such as database backups, managed file transfers, server provisioning, scheduling scripts and others. Moreover, they represent a "temporary" fix that often becomes outdated or insufficient within three to five years, resulting in increased complexity, costs and resources for maintaining them moving forward, according to Gartner. This "elemental" approach to IT automation builds silos of automation or boundaries, therefore increasing the risk of missing SLAs, incurring delays and increasing system downtimes.

Achieving IT service level assurance can only be achieved with true integration and orchestration across business processes, applications and the underlying infrastructure. In order to build and automate workflows faster and with greater consistency, reduce the cost of IT operations and more efficiently pass data and manage dependencies across systems and process types, IT organizations need to take an "architectural" approach to IT automation. IT organizations need a unified scheduling and automation solution that simplifies the automation and management of processes that span their entire IT environment.


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We create best applications for you.


We always try to provide best services for you. And we put our best efforts.

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We know how the support is important to you. We put a huge amount of effort into providing quality tech support to our customers.

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Why us ?!

  • 1Zero Price : Generally, in the long run, if the price is lower we are closer to the customer (and his pocket), more competitive and the larger market share becomes and the longer we can hold on to it.
  • 2Zero Defects : If the defects are lower have we moved loyal with more repeat customers, more competitive products and services.
  • 3Zero Inventory : The lower level of inventory and the lower costs will create the higher quality and the lesser risk of obsolescence which will be easier to manage the production flow.
  • 4Zero Set-Up Time : If the set-up time is shorter and the lower inventory odd any product which makes the more variety of products easier and more flexible. It will help to lesser the risk of obsolescence due to over- production.
  • 5Zero Lead Time : This will shorter the lead time which will shorter the order time and response time to customers needs and changes in these needs. It will also help in more timely delivery performance, thus beating the competition and lower the inventory levels.
  • 6Zero Downtime : This is very important point if the downtime is less then it will lower the inventory to cover the risk, shorter the lead time with more reliable delivery schedules

Financial Plans

  • Our company is financially backed by experienced people in the industry who are part of the Board.
  • Our company has a sound financial health and has made detailed financial plans for healthy growth.
  • Our company has hired experienced CA as financial advisor for financial planning and operations.
  • Our company has made elaborate plans to cut down on operational cost to lower the cost of product ownership and service to our customers.

Key Technologies Used

    • We are constantly exploring new cutting edge technologies and methods to cut cost for our clients and improve quality and reduce time-to-market.


  • Some of the key technologies we use are Java, JSP, C, C++, Spring, Struts, WebSphere, MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, DB2, Jboss, OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento, Php, Python, html 5, css, javascript, XML, GWT, YUI, jQuery, Unix, Linux, Solaris, AIX.

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