What Is Shatter, The Right Way To Smoke It And More

What Is Shatter, The Right Way To Smoke It And More

High cannabinoid concentrates have been making a number of noise in the cannabis house in current years.

And it’s all for good reason. Well, arguably.

Via one perspective – fanatics, experimenters and those who are seeking different medical therapies, can now access what is honey badger extracts (click through the next article) was once deemed forbidden and unable to heal, that's, cannabinoids and terpenoids of their purest form.

But through another perspective, a whole lot of new challenges are created, some more problematic for society than others.

For one, there’s a knowledge hole, as in how these concentrates are made, how to use them and what they’re finest used for.

Shatter is most certainly a type of concentrates.

That’s why, as your trusted cannabis data suppliers, among other things, we’re right here to help. In this case, it’s by breaking down what is shatter, how it’s smoked and what it’s greatest smoked for.

Shatter, the brown, caramel glass-like concentrate, is easily one of the highest THC concentrates on the market, reaching ranges close to ninety% purity.

Nonetheless, it’s high THC purity normally comes at a price, that is, the price of being a less flavored option when compared to its concentrate relatives.

What this primarily means is lower terpene content for shatter.

But this doesn’t mean it holds no taste in any respect, as utilizing bud strains with high terpene content material during extraction can considerably change the result. Additionally, the sure methodology and technology used can have a drastic effect.

More detailed details about completely different extraction strategies and technology could be found here.

As for now, we’ll keep on with the most typical technique utilized in making shatter, that's, with butane and propane.

Being a by-product of butane hash oil (BHO), shatter is usually made via, well, you guessed it, the petroleum-based mostly solvent, butane. Nevertheless, propane additionally serves as an efficient substitute, and actually, is usually mixed alongsideside butane in extraction efforts.

The one- reliable solvents for shatter, in other words.


This is changing as we speak.

As hashish becomes more authorized, IQ and financial capital are poured into the research and development side of things, subsequently, pushing concentrate making technologies to new levels.

So in different words, butane and propane are historically widespread methods in making extracts, but have gotten more inferior.

For now, nonetheless, we’ll use butane for example for making shatter.

End of sidenote.

So, how is butane used?

Primarily, butane pulls most of the cannabinoid and terpenoid molecules – in the type of resin and bud crystals – from dry flower buds and even left over "shake" leaves.

As soon as the resin and bud crystals are absolutely extracted, and the butane chemicals are filtrated out, what’s left over is a brown gooey substance resembling molten caramel.

This is then cooled into glass-like form, that almost shatters upon being slammed into hard surfaces – hence the name "shatter".

Such a name couldn’t be more fitting in our view.

In addition, strategies for butane extraction differ depending on the producer, given that equipment can resemble state-of-the-art services or novice DIY residence labs.

However manufacturing differences aside, one thing remains certain:

Butane hash oil concentrates ought to always be made in closed-loop systems with the best lab equipment and highly-trained professionals, given that butane is odorless, colourless and highly flammable, along with being easily dispersed into the air.

In the event that they’re not used in closed-loop systems, what you could have are the perfect ingredients for real-time Hollywood explosions.

So beginner chemists, don’t create any flammable-solvent extracts at residence, that is, unless you’d like to be part of the various, many dwelling explosions.

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