AI based Behavior Analysis System

Brand: Panchayat Guru 

AI-based Behavior Analysis System for CCTV


  • The facial recognition system will study Student and Teacher behavior in the classroom.
  • The technology will extract students' facial expressions, categorizing them into neutral, happy, surprised, angry, fearful, confused or upset and also attentive and distractive. The system can also record student actions such as writing, reading, raising a hand and sleeping at a desk and attentiveness.
  • The AI will analyze and determine whether they are enjoying lessons and whether they were paying attention or not.
  • Teachers and principle will be able to efficiently analysis student behavior and help the student in need.
  • It will also help teachers to rethink their teaching style using statistical data.
  • The "intelligent classroom behavior management system will also record students' attendance in class using face recognition.
  • Each classroom can also get a real-time attentiveness score, which will be shown to their teacher and principal on a screen.
  • The technology will also be used to help teachers, school and students. It will help a school in improving their classroom teaching techniques.
  • Schools can give access to classroom recording to parents so that parents can have a check on their kids.
  • This system will also check teacher performance, teacher interaction level will students, also alerts when a teacher is on a mobile phone during the classroom.


Value Addition and Additional Benefit

  • Presence of student or staff in odd or after hours in a school classroom.
  • 1st in and last out student and staff details with time.
  • Student sitting posture analysis: Students suffer neck pain and back pain resulting from bad posture gained through long hours of wrong sitting posture.
  • Teacher behavior analytic:
  • Teacher performance
  • Teach involvement
  • Teachers on a mobile phone as per recent government circular mobile phones are banned in classrooms.

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