File Tracking System

In today’s computerized world, administrative offices also tend to become paperless offices and with no more ‘piles of files’ scenario. This advancement aids the governing bodies in disposal of the issues within a reasonable time frame with evasion of stationery use. File Tracking System is a step in the direction of realizing the concept of paperless office.

The solution is a simulation of physical files into the electronic form. This enables fast retrieval and makes file movement & file tracking painless. Longevity of the electronic form solves the problem of material loss.


It has a built-in dynamic workflow management system that capable of handling any organization’s hierarchy.

File Tracking System also captures and documents attached with the file and assignments for the file. It also allows users to put Notings on the file. Complete history of the File Movement and Action Taken on the File is maintained.

File Tracking System (FTS) is a web based application to monitor the pendency of receipts and files and assist in their easy tracking. It is an integrated package which has features right from diarizing of receipts/files, updating its status, opening of new files, tracking the movement of the files, dispatch of letters/files and finally records management.


  • We would like to introduce you to the benefits of File Tracking System. A seamless integration of paper and electronic information at your fingertips.
  • Using a standard web browser the user can have instantaneous access to millions of documents.
  • We define File Tracking System as the systematic management of active paper documents, documents and files stored off-site and documents converted to digital images.
  • Our FTS Software allows you to take an unbiased approach to the document storage and retrieval methodology used for any application.
  • On the basis of that, you would be able to decide how, when, and where you would like to retrieve your documents, information and files.


  • Inward Receipt
  • Query / Views
  • File Creation
  • User Creation & Other Security Features
  • Work Flow Creation & Assignment
  • Reporting Module
  • Action on File
  • Audit Trails (User Activity, File Movement Records)
  • File Approval
  • Outward Generation & Dispatch

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