Geo-tagging App

Brand: Panchayat Guru


To geo-tag government's revenue department Fallow land (waster land), Pasture land, Resumed land and Lease land.

Area of Operation

Revenue Talati, Mamlatdar, Prant, RAC and Collector.



Revenue talati will visit Gram Panchayat and find out government's revenue department land. He will take geo location of land and capture geo-location from GPS of land border. He will also enter nearby land's information as well. Here user have to fill survey questions as well regarding land like any illegal structure on government land etc.

Mamlatdar, Prant and Collectorate can monitor data from mobile app on finger tip.

A web portal is also designed for reporting purpose which help user to generate report on map by District/Jilla, Taluka/Block, Village.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Local language support.
  • Design according to revenue department structure.
  • Follow the guideline define by GOI.
  • Analyze the Geographical data of a land.

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