Shala Initiative

In Centralized Server Based system, the burden of handling the software on computer should not be on single person, in the school. Instead, we would like to have the work done by authorized persons directly on the server.This will avoid repetition of work, We can avoid paperwork, and if paper is necessary then, for the work done on the server, a printout in the required format can be taken.


  • Administration part should not be repeated
  • Student evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Work done by authorized persons thru the system, would require less paper.
  • Centralized data will enable proper and meaningful analysis, which will be useful for decision making, and formulating new policies.
  • This system will bring more transparency in the education system.

  • Entry
  • Enrollment
  • Existing functionality
  • Detail of Donation
  • Analysis modules for decision making
  • Gunotsav
  • School Wise Grade Detail
  • Dropout Ratio
  • Retention Retio
  • File Tracking for department
  • Project wise Monitoring i.e SSA,Mid Day Meal

  • Virtual Meeting
  • Bio-Matrix Attendance system

  • Learning modules
  • Continues Comprehensive Evaluation(Periodical Analysis With Reference to Time Management)
  • Present Evaluation Method and comparative analysis with CCE

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