Vehicle Tracking System

RFID Based Vehicle Access Control System

Importance of RFID based vehicle access control system: 

RFID based vehicle access control system is very important in organizations, apartments, hotels, hospitals, malls, railway stations, metro stations, airport and other locations where managing parking becomes challenging because of increased no of vehicles.

This system provides us the availability of no. of vehicle in parking area at any time. Boom barrier is automatically controlled at entry and exit gate for allowed vehicles. Unregistered and blocked vehicle cannot get the access.

RFID plays a vital role in vehicle access control system. It automates the system by reducing the manpower and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Cloud based vehicles access control system is responsible for availability of data on clouds. So that any query can be checked from anywhere at any time.

Component of RFID vehicle access control system:

  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Tags
  • Boom Barrier
  • Sensors
  • Loop detector
  • IP Camera
  • Controller
  • Sirens
  • Server
  • Client
  • Windows Application
  • Cloud Application


Functionalities of RFID based vehicle access control system:

Tagging: In tagging we register the vehicle in this system by storing its details and allot a RFID tag to the vehicle which is pasted on the windshield of the vehicle. This will work as the identity card for the vehicle.

Check-In/Check-Out: Boom barrier opens automatically if vehicle is authorized by the system at entry or exit gate and its check-in / check-out details get saved for reporting purpose.

Administrator Settings: Administrator can block and unblock any vehicle and can set type of alert while Check-In/ Check-Out.

MIS Reporting: MIS Report and charts with different filters can be generated from the web application anytime and anywhere in the scope of network and can be use for analytics.

Visitor Card: visitor card is available for the external vehicles which get permission to check in. Visitor card get collected at the time of check-out.

Advantage of RFID based Vehicle Tracking System:

  • Identifies vehicles using radio waves(using RFID technology)
  • Maintains accuracy of data
  • Access to parking lots in security point of view
  • Alerts for unspecific activities
  • Less time consuming and more productivity
  • Maintains the database/history of the particular vehicle and vehicle owner
  • More flexible and cost effective

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