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File Tracking System

In today’s computerized world, administrative offices also tend to become paperless offices and with no more ‘piles of files’ scenario. This advancement aids the governing bodies in disposal of the issues within a reasonable time frame with evasion of stationery use. File Tracking System is a step in the direction of realizing the concept of paperless office.

The solution is a simulation of physical files into the electronic form. This enables fast retrieval and makes file movement & file tracking painless. Longevity of the electronic form solves the problem of material loss.

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Shala Initiative

In Centralized Server Based system, the burden of handling the software on computer should not be on single person, in the school. Instead, we would like to have the work done by authorized persons directly on the server.This will avoid repetition of work, We can avoid paperwork, and if paper is necessary then, for the work done on the server, a printout in the required format can be taken.

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