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From rapid prototyping, proof of concepts to vetting integration synergies. Our teams include the best folks in their respective fields. We look at everything around us as technology, whether its a burger at McDonald’s or a can of Pepsi, we realize that there are several technology at play and varied systems that talk to each other and exchange data to bring that hot meal and cold beverage to the table.


We live in a more interconnected and collaborative world now than ever before. However when it comes to technology connecting and integrating with each other, it’s still a wild web of technologies out there.The technology landscape has changed and continues to change considerably every day with launch of newer technologies and the demand for a more integrated system. With progress in open source, open APIs and services the potential to consume technology has opened up in many ways across multiple devices.

New and improved consumer products are rolling off the oven almost every week. Our labs team provides you with the playground to experiment and ideate your whole chain of thought into solutions quickly and rapidly. We bring to table skills and understanding that will help your ideas stand out. After all why blend in when you can stand out.

Why blend in when you can stand out! Innovation drives economic growth and it leads to transforming yesterday’s tools and solutions into better and more efficient one. One common error is to mistake invention for innovation. Invention is creating something new, innovation is the creation of something new that makes money. If you are tinkering with the next big web or mobile idea, we often give you great insight as to where you should be directing your attention and leaving the technology challenges to us. We will tell you if we are the right fit and most definitely we are not confused.

Technology Proof of Concept

Build rapid (partial) solution of your ideas with limited users to demonstrate the functionality as a working solution to a technical problem and establish that the system would satisfy the aspects for which it is designed.

A Proof of Concept is often required for patent application filing as well as used to seek funding, internal buy-ins or demonstrate to “Prospective Customers”.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping helps quickly understand the nuances and challenges in adopting a particular technology or over another.

This is more like a steel thread construct of the computer system and focuses on the core usage or behavior of the system. It does not look at the entire functionality but focuses on core use case scenario(s) using a  new technology, framework or approach.

Technology Synergy

Interplay between disparate technologies to produce the desired solution requires the right team.

Web 2.0 brought with it the advent of open APIs that make the web more interconnected and collaborative for systems and product developers can now focus on only their core systems and not worry about data portability and content exchange. In many cases you end up with a bunch of options to choose from and each may have their own pitfalls.

Enterprise Content Strategy

Specifically managing the knowledge base of a large organization across projects and teams is a mammoth undertaking and with knowledge of proven top 3 enterprise CMS systems, we are well equiped to tackle your need head on.

Migrating to a new platform, adding reporting and analytic, to pure content strategy for gathering optimal knowledge from your team base, our team can be a key asset to your project team. We have hands-on experience developing and managing knowledge portals for large organizations.

Cloud Computing Strategy

When its about moving your applications to the cloud having a good strategy ensures that there is zero lock down on a particular provider or platform.  They do say, having the right attitude and behavior won’t help if you have the wrong map.

Whether its deploying small apps or large scale models for Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, considering the application needs is as important as choosing the right platform. We assist you quickly ascertain your cloud strategy by assessing the best fit for deployment and operations.

Domain Expertise

The wheels of software is about automating a need and different domains focus on different end needs. Our team has been instrumental in designing solutions for different domains and have great understanding of the following domains.

  • Healthcare & Lifescience
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Education
  • Online Retail
  • Real Estate
  • HR & Operations
  • Mobile Platforms

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