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RUDRA AUTOMATION offers end to end Cloud application services, based upon our deep domain expertise upon cloud application development services. In today ecosystem cloud application offers the edge to do more with less. Our cloud application development service offers faster implementation, significant reduction in cost, better performance, much higher quality. We run industry best practices and offer enterprises custom services and engagement models which is designed to maximize business value and ensuring the ROI.

To keep critical applications updated is a challenge, which requires immense manpower working hour and resource investment upon your IT department, particularly when you have multiple no. of computer and diversified nature of job roles involved. With SaaS, there's no need to install updated files on each unit –one change to the application in the cloud, and everyone will automatically have access to the latest version. Cloud computing make updates faster and less expensive, and also reduces the amount of downtime your business experiences from out-of-service hardware.

Cloud Applications offers you the ability to track improvements and projects in real time In traditional IT infrastructure it’s common, when several employees are working on the same project, to appreciate multiple mail transactions happening, mostly owing to the fact that people involved or stakeholders lose track of project status, due to which enterprises appreciate a challenge in collaborating and delegating. With cloud based applications offers to bridge such gaps with instantaneous change in application or documents to track progress towards goals and milestones.

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way your teams located at different geographical collaborate Challenges with sharing information on common or linked projects are faced in multitudes when you have multiple offices, plant, or production facility. Through SaaS implementation, organizations can efficiently bridge communication gap and the lag time that comes with lengthy e-mails communications. Cloud computing have revolutionized the way teams work sitting world apart and to bring all of your stakeholders and align their activities.


Cloud computing capabilities offer better accounting, customer service, and sales information. Cloud computing is most valuable to the parts of your company that rely on current and up-to-date information the most – particularly sales, customer service, and accounting. Our design methodology creates stateless components to enable application scaling. To ensure maximum benefits from the cloud architecture patterns are used to handle scalability, distributed user and big data.


Rudra Automation offers services which help clients overcome challenges with multi cloud or hybrid cloud adoption such as multiple vendors for cloud service providers, Master data management, and identity management across cloud and on premise environments. Support and troubleshooting in complex multi firm solutions, data sharing and connectivity across business processes spanning multi cloud systems.


We provide design catalogue for all common, commercial and open source applications. We offer different categories such as e commerce, enterprise portals, and content management.

Our experts will help you to turn your idea into reality.

They create a blue print focusing the users.

Identify the role of users and how they can do a better job.

Our UX designers create a user centric design, information architecture to offer engaging experience. At Rudra Automation we offer full circle lifecycle management for simple to complex application.


Rudra Automation team will help you with

  • Migration to cloud.
  • Controlling multiple attributes across multi vendor cloud service providers.
  • Want to leverage cloud and in need to align IT or business initiatives
  • Developing cloud application.
  • Looking for ways to optimize cloud or minimize cost.
  • Maintenance and support of simple to complex applications.
  • Need cloud adoption strategy and support.
  • Customization of multiple cloud application to work with a company’s existing application.
  • Hosting of cloud application.

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