Industrial Automation

Rudra Automation is leading solutions provider firm in Industrial Automation (IA), Embedded Systems (ES) and Software Development (SD) and undertaking Project Management Consulting.


  • IA

    We undertake Turnkey Industrial Automation Project and System Integration based on PLC, Scada/Dcs, Hmi, and Instrumentation & Control. We design and build Control Panel as a part of Turnkey Project or stand alone requirement.

  • ES

    We offer Embedded Solutions for specific requirement, product design and contract manufacturing, wireless solutions on GSM, GPRS, Rf and Web as per customer requirement and specification.

  • SD

    We offer Software Development for application on Scada, Hmi, Plc and process logic, micro controller firmware development, driver development and IT (Web based & Desktop) Software Development.

  • PM

    Undertaking Project Management consulting of any type of Industrial Automation, Installation, Erection and Commissioning project.



Industrial Automation Solutions

  • We also provide technical service, including automation trouble shooting, system analysis, testing and support, system integration, field service commissioning, control & monitoring
  • Control panel design & Manufacturing
  • Customized solution in SCADA system development
  • Data Acquisition solutions
  • Complete solution provide in motion technology. VO modules, Motion coordinates, HMI, software and technical support. (Trio Motion Technology)
  • VFD & Servo motor based Panel
  • We also provide small instrument panel and electrical panel as per application
  • We also provide communication converter likes 05232 to 05485 converter, Ethernet to R5485 converter, signal repeater, USB to RS232/R5485 converter etc.
  • Complete solution in process automation
  • Provide Erection & commissioning activity, also man power supply for turnkey project


We undertake turnkey automation projects based on PLC, Drives, SCADA/HMI, customized embedded electronics product development, and provide solutions based on GSM/GPRS, GPS, Micro controllers, Wireless Control & Monitoring, Web/IP based Interface and Web/Software application development, Project Management Services.

With our rich domain expertise, we are providing Industrial Automation Service that is provided to various industry verticals. In this service, our professionals automatized the manufacturing process of industrial. In order to render this service as per the needs of the clients, we are armed with various latest tools and technology. Our offered service is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its reliability, cost effectiveness, promptness and timely execution.

Industrial Control System Automation

We also do

Delta, Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, Modicon, Omron, Mitsubishi.
Delta, Siemens, ABB, Weintek, E-View, Omron/Proface.
Wonderware(Intouch), Siemens (WinCC), NI LabView.


  • Precise operation in Factory, Farm, Plant
  • Reduced Cost & Manpower
  • Remotely operation is possible
  • State-of-the- art technologies
  • Increased production & Profit optimization
  • Safe operation

Instrumentation & Electric Control Panel Manufacturing

We design and build instrumentation & electrical control panels for Industrial Automation projects and Process Machines offering concept to commissioning services on Turnkey Basis.


Embedded System Design & Wireless Control Solutions

We offer design solution in the era of Access Control Systems and Embedded Systems Design. Our Expert team strives to offer innovative design and technological representation in terms of product development and embedded solution. We provide Wireless Control via. GSM/GPRS technology, GPS Technology, Electronics circuitry, Micro controller based systems. GPS vehicle tracking system, SMS access control, IVR access control etc..

Industrial Automation


What is Automation?

It is defined as "the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.” This will help in the reduction of need for human intervention. Industrial Automation provides a platform for displaying all the industrial applications of automation.

How can we help you: We help you to find best automation solution for your system requirement and specifications

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

A computer equipped with the necessary input and output peripheral circuits, configured to be easily programmed by technical personnel for virtually any logical task, is called a Programmable logic Controller or PLC. Programmable logic controllers are essentially nothing more than special-purpose, industrial computers. As such, they are built far more ruggedly than an ordinary personal computer (PC), and designed to run extremely reliable operating system software.

How can we help you: We can assist you to select most appropriate PLC as per your system requirement, process I/Os, and program needs. we also offer PLC programming facilities.

Instrumentation Control Panel

The Control Panel referred to as the Console that includes PLCs, Drives, Hmi, I/O cards, MCCB, MCB, Contactors, SMPS and interface modules for sensors and field devices. The control panel is the Control Hardware of any automation control system, generally located at Operator Station or Process Station.

How can we help you: We design and build automation control panels based on PLCs and Drives that offers great operation efficiency and productivity ensuring customer satisfaction with no compromise in Quality.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

The application of digital communication technology to industrial measurement and control is what is generally referred to as a SCADA (“Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”) system. A SCADA system might be thought of as a distributed control system (DCS) spread over a geographically large area , such as across the span of a city or even across national borders. Typical applications of SCADA technology include:

  • Electric power generation and distribution (power line, sub station) systems
  • Chemical Process Monitoring & Control
  • Bottling and Textiles Plant Monitoring
  • Water and waste water treatment and distribution (water line,pumpingstations) systems
  • Gas and oil exploration and distribution (pipeline)systems
  • Large-scale agricultural (irrigation, harvesting) systems
  • Storage tank monitoring systems

Process data n a SCADA ystem is sensed by various measurement devices (transmitters), converted to digital form by a device called an RTU (“Remote Terminal Unit”) , and communicated to one or more MTUs (“Master Terminal Units”) at a central location where human operators may monitor the data and make command decisions.

How can we help you: Our professional team is equipped with Labview SCADA development platform for customized graphical monitoring Software that is rich in features but still affordable. We also provides SCADA of brands like Wonderware, Siemens, AB.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

In industrial automation, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the device that provides easy access to the system operator, It is  apparatus which presents process data to a human operator, and through which the human operator controls the process via preloaded commands and program sequence. The HMI can have either Text based interface or Graphical (Mimic) based interface to the operator.

How can we help you: We assist you select most suitable HMI system and also offers programming and system integration solutions. We employ HMI of make Delta, Omron, Siemens etc.

Embedded Systems

An Embedded System is a combination of computer hardware and software, and perhaps additional mechanical or other parts, designed to perform a specific function. In short any dedicated electronics system can be termed as Embedded System, it has micro controller or processor as controller unit and I/O peripherals and display units. 

How can we help you: Our Embedded R&D team is dedicated to offer excellence solutions for your product development cycle and mass manufacturing facility.

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